Iron Harvest Game: Best Mods and Community Creations


Iron Harvest Game: Best Mods and Community Creations

Iron Harvest is a real-time strategy game set in an alternate universe of the 1920s. Developed by King Art Games, a Polish independent game studio, this game takes place in a world full of Steampunk and dieselpunk elements. Offering both a single-player campaign mode and a multiplayer mode, Iron Harvest has gained immense popularity among PC gamers. However, the game’s community-developed mods are also very interesting. In this article, we will examine Iron Harvest’s best mods and the creative works of the community in more detail.

1. Mech Medley Mode

Mech Medley Mod is one of the most popular mods developed for Iron Harvest. This mod increases the variety of mechanical warriors in the game and adds new excitement to the game. The mod stands out because it offers the option to build a new building that contains a combination of all the mechanical units available in the game. In this way, you can create new units and further develop your strategy.

2. Custom Match Mode

Custom Match Mod is a mod that further enhances Iron Harvest’s multiplayer mode. This mode gives players more customization options, allowing them to create their own unique gaming experiences. For example, thanks to the mod, you can determine the game map and game duration, and create different game rules such as limited resources or fast unit production. In this way, you can compete with your friends or other players in a more fun way by customizing your gaming experience.

3. AI Improvement Mode

AI Improvement Mod is a mod that improves Iron Harvest’s artificial intelligence. The artificial intelligence of the original game can sometimes be inadequate compared to the difficulty level and provide players with a shallow experience. This mode allows the AI ​​to act smarter and present a tougher challenge. AI Improvement Mode increases the strategic skills of the enemy AI soldiers players will encounter and makes the game more challenging.

4. Unit Skin Mod

Unit Skin Mod is a mod that offers appearance customizations to Iron Harvest players. Thanks to this mod, you can have a different gaming experience by changing the appearance of mechanical units. The creative community has developed a wide variety of unit skins, including new units as well as the game’s original units. In this way, you can further expand the atmosphere of Iron Harvest and step into a different world within the game.

5. Map Editor Mode

Map Editor Mod is a mod that allows players to create their own game maps. This mod allows you to create your own battlefields in the world of Iron Harvest. Thanks to this mod developed by the community, you can showcase your skills and bring your creative ideas to life. You can share the maps you create with others and gain appreciation from other members of the community.


Iron Harvest stands out as a game that attracts attention with both its unique game concept, the mods developed by the community, and the creative works of the community. Mech Medley Mode, Custom Match Mode, AI Improvement Mode, Unit Skin Mode and Map Editor Mode increase the playability and fun of the game as well as offering new experiences to players. We highly recommend taking a look at these community-supported mods for Iron Harvest. These mods will make Iron Harvest an even richer and more enjoyable experience.

Mod Name Type Mech Medley Mode Mod that increases the diversity of units Custom Match Mode Customizable multiplayer mode AI Improvement Mode Mod that improves artificial intelligence Unit Skin Mod Mod that offers appearance customizations Map Editor Mode Map creation mode

Iron Harvest is a real-time strategy game developed by Polish video game developer KING Art Games. The game features huge mechanical war machines fighting in the 1920s in an alternative universe, a scenario reflecting the effects of the first and second world wars, and a rich universe. Iron Harvest has gained a huge following since its release, and many creative mods have been produced by the gaming community that offer a unique experience.

1. Mech Mode

Mech Mod is a mod that allows players to further customize and modify the mechanical war machines in Iron Harvest. Thanks to this mod, players can make their mechanical units stronger, add different weapons and improve abilities. Mech Mode deepens the in-game experience of Iron Harvest, providing players with greater strategy and teamwork opportunities.

2. New Scenario Modes

While Iron Harvest has an original campaign, many new campaign mods have been produced by the gaming community. These modes increase the replayability of the game by offering players different stories and missions. For example, some campaign modes are set in an alternate universe, while others reenact real historical events. New campaign modes give players the opportunity to experience different experiences beyond Iron Harvest’s main campaign.

3. Multiplayer Modes

Iron Harvest’s multiplayer modes take the gaming experience one step further. Thanks to multiplayer modes developed by community creators, players can compete with other players or work together with teammates in different game modes. These mods expand the boundaries of Iron Harvest and make players feel like they are in a real combat environment.

Mode Name Description Battle Royale Mode A multiplayer mode where players must battle alone or in teams on a map. King of the Hill Mode A competitive mode in which players try to capture a certain point on the map. Tactical Skirmish Mode A skirmish mode that requires strategic planning and teamwork from players.

Amazing mods and community creations offer Iron Harvest players the opportunity to make the game even more unforgettable. Community creators create innovative and creative content that pushes the boundaries of gaming. Mech Mode, new campaign modes, and multiplayer modes expand Iron Harvest’s potential by providing players with more options and customization. These modes not only allow you to play the game for longer, but also offer a constantly renewed experience.

In conclusion, Iron Harvest’s development team as well as the gaming community play a huge role in making the game more interesting and entertaining. These creative modes give players more freedom and control in Iron Harvest and increase the replayability of the game. Iron Harvest continues to deliver a constantly evolving and growing gaming experience with mods and community creations. For gamers, these mods offer a great way to push the limits of Iron Harvest’s potential and embark on new adventures.

Iron Harvest is a steampunk-themed real-time strategy game set in an alternate history of the 1920s. In the game, you have to use your tactical skills while controlling mechanized war vehicles and huge war machines. However, the true potential of the Iron Harvest game is largely explored through community-made mods. These modes make the game more fun and original and provide players with unique experiences.

1. New Maps:

Community-made maps added to Iron Harvest offer players the opportunity to further explore and strategize. These maps offer a variety of scenarios set in different environments and difficulty levels, leading players into a deeper experience of mechanical warfare.

2. New Units:

Community-made mods provide variety by adding new units to the game. These new units offer players new strategic options and make the game richer in balance and variety. For example, with some mods you can control fantastic creatures in the game’s world or manage innovative troops with new technologies.

3. References to the Past:

While Iron Harvest is set in an alternate history of the 1920s, community-made mods further reference this past. These modes, which make the game’s atmosphere, costumes and stories richer, encourage players to dive deeper into that alternative universe and make them look forward to new references to historical details.

4. New Missions and Campaigns:

Outside of Iron Harvest’s main story, community-made mods offer players new missions and campaigns. These missions increase the replayability and longevity of the game while providing players with different scenarios and levels of challenges. Players enjoy diving into exciting scenarios where they can test their strategic skills.

5. Multiplayer Modes:

Iron Harvest offers a unique experience with its multiplayer modes. However, new multiplayer modes are added with community-made mods, ensuring the game offers even more fun. For example, team-based modes allow players to band together and combine strategies and fight against other players in a more coordinated manner.

6. Improved Graphics and Sound Effects:

Community-made mods can improve the visual and audio experience of Iron Harvest. New graphical features make the atmosphere of the game more impressive and realistic, while new sound effects can further attract players to the battlefield. These mods allow the game to deliver a more visually striking and immersive experience.

7. Community Sharing:

One of the biggest advantages of Iron Harvest community-made mods is the ability for players to create their own mods and share them with other players. This creates a culture of solidarity and sharing within the community. Players can show off their own creativity and get inspired by mods created by other players.

Mod Name Description SteamEngine Mod A mod that optimizes the game’s mechanics and screen performance. Fantasy Creatures Mod is a mod that changes the gaming experience by adding fantasy creatures to the game. Historical References Mod A mod that further increases historical details and references to the past. New Campaign Mod A mod that offers new missions to players by adding a new campaign. Team Battle Mod A mod that adds team-based multiplayer modes to the game.

  • Iron Harvest game offers a more fun and original experience thanks to community-made mods.
  • New maps, units, missions, campaigns and multiplayer modes provide variety while increasing the replayability of the game.
  • Community-made mods enhance Iron Harvest’s atmosphere and graphics/sound effects.
  • Players can create their own mods and share them with other players, fostering a culture of sharing within the community.

Iron Harvest is a strategy game developed by developer King Art Games. Players take part in battles in the late 1920s in this game about events taking place in an alternate history. As the game’s popularity has grown, many great mods and builds have been created by the community. In this article, you will discover the best mods and community creations you can find in the game Iron Harvest.

1. “New Factions” Mode

This mod adds two extra factions to the game: the Japanese Empire and the Kingdom of Greece. These two new factions bring a new breath to the game and offer different gaming experiences. While the Japanese Empire has a powerful army with ninja troops and advanced robot technologies, the Kingdom of Greece becomes a formidable opponent with its ancient Greek warriors and mythological creatures.

2. “Total Conversion” Mode

This mod provides a comprehensive transformation that makes Iron Harvest a completely different game. The mod introduces an alternate history storyline, new characters, locations, and even gameplay changes. In this way, players can have a completely new experience in the Iron Harvest universe.

3. “Custom Maps” Mode

This mode allows players to create and share their own maps. Using the game’s editor tool, players can create their own unique maps and share them with other players. Thanks to this mod, players can create maps that tell their own stories in the Iron Harvest universe and share them with the community.

4. “Enhanced Graphics” Mode

This mod improves the graphics of Iron Harvest and elevates the visual experience of the game. The mod includes improved lighting, more realistic shadows, advanced scene effects and more. By installing this mod, players can make the game look more lively and impressive.

5. “Balance Patch” Mode

This mod changes the balance of the game and fixes bugs. The original version of the game may have balance issues or bugs. Thanks to this mod, the community can fix these issues and make the gaming experience more fair. By using this mode, players can create a more challenging and fair competitive environment in the game.

6. “New Skins” Mode

This mod adds new costumes and images to Iron Harvest. Thanks to the mod, players can customize the characters’ clothing and appearance. This mode allows players to have a more personal experience in the game world.

Mod Name Description New Factions Adds new factions: Empire of Japan and Kingdom of Greece. Total Conversion completely transforms the game, providing an alternative story and gameplay. Custom Maps Allows players to create and share their own maps. Enhanced Graphics Improves the game’s graphics and enhances the visual experience. Balance Patch Changes the balance of the game and fixes bugs. New Skins Adds new costumes and images, allowing character customization.

In this article, we have shared the best mods and community creations you can find in the Iron Harvest game. Thanks to these mods, players can customize the gaming experience and have completely new experiences in the Iron Harvest universe. Whichever mode you want to try, you can access these great productions by joining the Iron Harvest community.

Iron Harvest is a strategy game set in an alternate 1920s history. Set in a world where huge war machines and robots based on steam power are used, the game has fascinated its fans with an impressive scenario and realistic gameplay. However, another factor that increases the appeal of the game is the mods and crafting tools created by the community. Developed by fans of the game, these mods further enrich the Iron Harvest experience and offer new content to players.

1. The Giant Robots of Iron Harvest

This mod is a special mod that adds new units to the game rather than changing the main mechanics of the game. Thanks to the modder’s creativity, Iron Harvest’s universe is given greater depth and diversity. The giant robots added to the game will further test players’ strategic thinking skills and differentiate the gaming experience. It also gives players the opportunity to try new tactics while changing interactions with other units used in the game.

2. Iron Harvest Expanded: New Campaigns and Stories

This is a mod that expands Iron Harvest’s story mode and adds new campaigns and stories. Beyond the game’s main story, it offers players new events and missions. With this mod, the atmosphere of Iron Harvest is deepened and you have more content to explore the world of the game. All you need is the desire to experience Iron Harvest’s stories set in a different universe.

3. Iron Harvest New Factions: The Rising Armies

This mod is a mod that adds new factions to the game in addition to the existing factions of the game. Modders remain faithful to the original game while creating new factions hailing from different countries and regions. This mode introduces players to new units and strategic options and gives them the opportunity to explore different ways to play the game. As you play with new factions, you will discover a world where different histories, cultures and styles of warfare merge.

Mod Name Mod Maker Description The Giant Robots of Iron Harvest IronModder45 Adds giant robots to the game and expands the strategy options. Iron Harvest Expanded: New Campaigns and Stories StoryWeaver Expands the game’s story mode and introduces new missions. Iron Harvest New Factions: The Rising Armies FactionMaster adds new factions to the game and offers a rich variety.

  • Mods enrich the gaming experience.
  • Build tools allow fans to customize the game to their personal preferences.
  • The community actively works to further improve the Iron Harvest game.

Iron Harvest constantly innovates and evolves thanks to the creativity and passion of the community. Mods and crafting tools provide players with unique and personalized experiences. These modes allow players to further explore the game, test their strategic abilities, and try out alternative scenarios. Modding is a testament to how much Iron Harvest is loved by the community and shows players’ dedication to the game.

Iron Harvest’s best mods and community crafting tools give the game greater depth and variety, while preserving the richness and magic of the Iron Harvest universe. Our thanks to IronModder45, StoryWeaver and all the other modders. Thanks to your creativity, the Iron Harvest experience becomes more exciting and unforgettable.

Iron Harvest is a real-time strategy game set in its own alternate history. In the late 1920s, the world was divided into two as a result of a great war, which led to the rise of the proletariat. War machines, armored robots and similar technological innovations have advanced remarkably. While Iron Harvest offers an immersive story set in this alternative world, it also attracts attention with its community productions.


The Iron Harvest community has created a number of great mods to expand the game’s core and increase customization options. The game has official mod support, allowing community members to showcase their creativity and enrich the gaming experience. Here are some of the most popular Iron Harvest mods:

  1. New Stories and Campaigns

    These mods expand the game’s original story and introduce new missions, characters, and storytelling. For players who love the core story of the game, these modes offer a unique experience.

  2. War Machines and Weapons

    These mods add new war machines, weapons, and customization options to the game. Players can take advantage of new weapons and mechs to gain greater tactical variety and improve their strategies.

  3. Multimedia Contents

    These mods add new media content to the Iron Harvest universe. For example, elements such as new music, artwork or story videos add more depth to the game and allow players to feel the atmosphere more.

Community Productions

Community members have created some truly impressive builds for the Iron Harvest game. These productions offer players new game modes, maps, balance adjustments and much more.

Production Description Iron Harvest Total Conversion Mod With this production, a completely new experience is brought to the game. It offers different gameplay, technological advances and visual changes compared to the original game. New Map Pack This production adds new maps to the game and allows players to try their battle strategies in different environments. Unit Balance Mod With this production, the balance of the units in the game is changed and offers players more diverse tactical options.

These community creations allow players to personalize the Iron Harvest experience and make it even more exciting. You can discover these productions on relevant forums or mod sharing sites.

Iron Harvest community projects have been filled with creativity by fans of the game and clearly enrich the gaming experience. These projects show that Iron Harvest is a constantly evolving and interactive world. While playing Iron Harvest, I recommend you try these community creations and add more depth to the game.

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