Cuphead DLC Reviews: What to Expect?


Cuphead DLC Reviews: What to Expect?

Cuphead, released by StudioMDHR in 2017, managed to attract the attention of players with its retro-style graphics and challenging gameplay. The game’s popularity increased even more with the announcement of the highly anticipated DLCs. So what Cuphead DLCs should we expect? Here are the details of the highly anticipated DLCs.

The Delicious Last Course

The Delicious Last Course appears as the first DLC package of Cuphead. This DLC adds new characters, levels and boss battles to the story and gameplay of the original game. Returning to the game, Cuphead and Mugman’s paths cross Ms. It intersects with a new character named Chalice. Ms. Chalice stands out as a character with abilities that players can enjoy.

The DLC will include a total of 3 new enemies, a villain and 3 new boss battles. Innovation will be added to the game with new levels and music and will challenge the players even more. The Delicious Last Course will offer a very exciting experience for Cuphead lovers with its challenging gameplay.

When it will go out?

In fact, The Delicious Last Course was a DLC planned to be released in 2019. However, due to disruptions in the development process and the impact of the pandemic, the release date was postponed several times. StudioMDHR recently announced that it will meet with the players in mid-2022. Cuphead fans will have to be patient until this period.

The Adventures of Mugman

The Adventures of Mugman represents content that will be released later as the second part of the Cuphead DLCs. Unfortunately, we still have very little information and no clear date has been given as to when this DLC will be released. However, players are eagerly waiting for this future adventure.

Other Innovations and Improvements

In addition to Cuphead DLCs, StudioMDHR also plans to release updates that fix some game bugs and improve the gameplay experience. With these updates, the game will become more balanced and alleviate some of the difficulties. It is very good news for players that continuous improvements are being made to provide a better experience with Cuphead’s DLCs.

In summary

Cuphead’s DLCs aim to offer players exciting new characters, levels and boss battles. The new levels and music we will have with The Delicious Last Course will be very satisfying for players who love challenging gameplay. While The Adventures of Mugman is more vague, it already teases the excitement of future adventures. Cuphead lovers are eagerly waiting for the release dates of these DLCs and hope that the regular updates offered by the game’s developer team will bring a new breath to the game.

Cuphead is known as a game that has attracted the attention of game lovers and gained a large fan base since the day it was released. This game, which was released in 2017 and offers a unique visual style to the cartoons of the 1930s, has made a name for itself with its challenging platform levels and unique boss battles. Following the success of the game, developer Studio MDHR is preparing a DLC (Additional Content) that excites Cuphead fans. In this article, we’ll break down what you need to know about the Cuphead DLC and what you can expect.

Cuphead DLC: The Delicious Last Course

Cuphead DLC was announced as “The Delicious Last Course”. This additional content will take players on a new adventure and offer the opportunity to explore an island full of new challenges. Ms. is a new character in the game. By adding Chalice, players will be given the opportunity to participate as a second player. Ms. Chalice will bring a different dimension to boss battles with his own unique abilities and moves.

In addition, Cuphead DLC will offer extensive content with new boss battles, levels and music. New levels will invite you to sweat through challenging platforming levels and test your skills in unique boss battles. Additionally, a new difficulty mode will also be added to the game along with additional content, offering more challenges for more experienced players.

DLC Expectations and Speculations

There are many expectations and speculations about the Cuphead DLC. Gamers hope that more complex and challenging dungeons will be added to the game, along with new levels and boss battles. Cuphead’s gameplay balance and difficulty level have been praised and appreciated by critics since the game’s release. Therefore, it is natural to expect the same quality standards for the Cuphead DLC.

Additionally, new abilities and power-ups are expected to be added to the game with DLC. By increasing the customizability of characters, players can be offered different gameplay experiences. New boss battles and different mechanics in the levels will further challenge players and increase the replayability of the game.

Release Date and Price

An official release date for the Cuphead DLC has not been announced yet. Developer Studio MDHR works diligently to maintain the quality of new content added to the game and aims to offer players the best experience. However, the Cuphead DLC is generally expected to be released sometime in 2022.

There is no clear information yet about the price for additional content. However, Cuphead fans and gamers generally hope that the price will be affordable according to the game quality. Considering the success and popularity of Cuphead, it is expected that the DLC will be available at a fair price.


Cuphead DLC appears as an additional content that game lovers are eagerly awaiting. This DLC, full of new levels, boss battles and music, will offer players a new experience. Considering that Cuphead stands out with its difficulty level and visual style, it is expected that the DLC will be prepared with the same quality and care. While more information about the release date and price is awaited, there is an exciting wait for Cuphead fans.

Cuphead made a big splash as a unique game developed and released by Studio MDHR in 2017. At that time, players welcomed Cuphead, which attracted attention with its extraordinary hand-made visuals, jazz music and challenging gameplay, with great excitement. The game attracted the attention of players who especially loved retro-style platform games and quickly gained popularity. Now, it is available to players with the Cuphead DLC. So, what will be the impact and evaluation on the original game? Here’s a detailed review of the Cuphead DLC.

Effect on Original Game

The original Cuphead game offered a fascinating experience with its challenging gameplay and unique visuals. Cuphead DLC is expected to offer the same quality and extraordinary experience. The fact that more levels, bosses and weapons will be offered in the original game excites players. The DLC will offer players a new adventure and further enhance the memorable experience of the original game.

Additionally, the Cuphead DLC may also take into account some of the criticisms of the original game. In the original game, the extreme difficulty of some levels and bosses could sometimes leave players with a frustrating experience. The Cuphead DLC could make some improvements in this regard and have a more balanced difficulty level. This may enable the game to appeal to a wider range of players.


Can the Cuphead DLC continue the success of the original game? Of course, the answer to this question depends on the content and quality the DLC will offer. But basically, the Cuphead DLC could be a huge success. Cuphead, which had a great mass appeal in the original game, can further increase this success with its DLC.

While the new levels, bosses and weapons that the DLC will offer promise players an exciting experience, it is important that it preserves the style of the original game. Cuphead’s unique visuals and soundtrack are largely strong factors behind the game’s success. Therefore, it is expected that the Cuphead DLC will retain and further improve these features.

Additionally, the Cuphead DLC should address some criticized aspects of the original game and provide a more balanced experience. Players stated that they sometimes could not enjoy the game due to its high difficulty level. Therefore, it is important that the DLC has a more balanced difficulty level and offers players a more satisfying experience.

All in all, Cuphead DLC is a highly anticipated addition. It promises a new adventure to players by preserving the style of the original game and offering new levels, bosses and weapons. The impact and evaluation on the original game is directly related to the content and quality of the DLC. However, in general, it is thought that the Cuphead DLC will be a successful expansion pack and will please the players.

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Cuphead is an independent video game that was released in 2017 and received great acclaim all over the world. The game’s unique visual style and challenging difficulty levels have attracted players and created a large fan base for the game. Over the years, excitement has grown over the arrival of new content for players who challenge Cuphead’s difficulty levels. Finally, it was announced that this excitement will be met with the Cuphead DLC announced by Studio MDHR.

New Sections and Level Designs

Cuphead DLC will add completely new sections and level designs to the game. Players will face various dangers in these new levels and will have to test their current skills. Creative enemy designs and unique game mechanics will challenge players to a challenging challenge.

The new levels will remain true to the atmosphere of the main game and will be designed in the cartoon style of the 1930s. Every detail will be prepared with an aesthetic reminiscent of classic hand-drawn cartoons. Players will encounter completely new enemies and will have to use their tactical gaming skills when fighting against them.

New Challenge Levels

The new Cuphead DLC will introduce new difficulty levels to add even more difficulty to the game. Players will have to take their existing skills to further levels and prepare for challenging challenges. These challenges will require mastering the game’s core mechanics and will allow players to use their reflexes at the highest level.

New difficulty levels will challenge players with both fast enemy movements and complex platform arrangements. Players must navigate each level strategically and attack or defend at the right moments. These new challenges will be a big challenge even for players who have played the already difficult original game.

DLC Content and New Features

Cuphead DLC will not only offer new chapters and difficulty levels, but also new features and content. Players will be able to further personalize their gaming experience with new characters, costumes and weapons. New abilities and power-ups will allow players to diversify their gaming strategies and make challenging challenges even easier.

Studio MDHR will also introduce a new game mode in the Cuphead DLC. This mode will allow players to play in local multiplayer with their friends. Teamwork will be required and team spirit will be created to overcome difficult challenges together.

Shortcomings Pros The release date of the Cuphead DLC has not been announced yet. The new levels and difficulty levels waiting for the players are exciting. With the Cuphead DLC, the popularity of the game may increase even more. New characters and features will make the game even more personal. The new game mode will offer the experience of playing with friends. Innovative cartoon style graphics will enhance the visual appeal of the game.

The long-awaited Cuphead DLC will offer players an expanded gaming experience and will be filled with new enemies and challenges for those who like to challenge themselves. New levels and difficulty levels will push players’ skills to the limits and offer an adrenaline-filled challenge. It will also allow players to further personalize their gaming experience with new content and features. Cuphead DLC is an expansion that fans have been eagerly awaiting and will draw gamers back into the world of the game with excitement.

The fact that Cuphead was appreciated by both critics and players upon its first release increased the DLC excitement even more. According to what Studio MDHR said, Cuphead DLC will complement the gaming experience in an exquisite way by further increasing the difficulty level of the original game and adding new features. In this article, we’ll take an in-depth look at the new features and experiences that can be expected in the Cuphead DLC.

New Characters and Boss Battles

  • Firstly, new characters are expected to be added to the game with Cuphead DLC. Studio MDHR stated that characters with different abilities will offer players more options. New characters that can appear in the game will allow players to further customize their playstyle with new sensitivities and abilities.
  • Additionally, the Cuphead DLC will also feature new boss battles. In addition to the challenging boss battles in the original game, one should be prepared for even more complex and exciting boss battles with the DLC. These new boss battles will test players’ skills and provide more challenges.

New Levels and Missions

The Cuphead DLC will offer additional levels and missions to the original game. While the difficulty level of the game will increase, the game experience of the players will become richer with new levels and missions. Studio MDHR promised that players will encounter unexpected obstacles and new mechanics will be tried in new levels.

New Updates and Improvements

  • Cuphead DLC will offer many improvements and updates, from graphics to gameplay. Studio MDHR announced that the game will become more visually impressive and offer even smoother gameplay.
  • Additionally, bug fixes, balance adjustments and general performance improvements are also expected in the Cuphead DLC. In this way, players will have a smoother experience and will be able to enjoy the game more.

New Music and Sounds

Cuphead’s original soundtrack allowed players to get involved in the game atmosphere. Cuphead DLC will take this musical experience even further. Kristofer Maddigan, the composer of the original game, gave the good news that they are working on a new music collection and that it will pamper the ears of the players.


The Cuphead DLC aims to complement the original game by introducing exciting new features and experiences. With new characters, boss battles, levels and music, Cuphead players will embark on a journey full of challenges. Rumors that Studio MDHR will further increase the difficulty level of the game make players impatient to experience the excitement they have been waiting for. We are waiting for more details and information about the exact date of the Cuphead DLC, and we can say that it is definitely a development worth following for those who are interested in this game.

Cuphead is a platform game released by Studio MDHR in 2017 and left its mark on the gaming world with its charming retro style. With its unique visuals, challenging game mechanics and powerful music, Cuphead managed to deeply impress gamers. The popularity of the game increased even more with the highly anticipated Cuphead DLC. So, what can we expect in this DLC? Here are our detailed reviews…

New Characters and Features

Cuphead DLC aims to add exciting new characters and features to the game. The creative team is making a great effort to provide players with more options and challenges.

The first DLC pack, “The Delicious Last Course”, introduces players to a new playable character, Ms. He will introduce Chalice. Ms. Chalice will join the adventure to help Cuphead and Mugman and will attract attention with his unique abilities.

Additionally, the Cuphead DLC also introduces new boss battles and enemies. Players will face challenging enemies and have to develop new strategies to complete the levels.

Levels That Increase Difficulty

Cuphead is a game famous for its difficulty level, and it will become even more difficult with DLC. The creative team wants players to experience more challenges and plans to achieve this goal with new levels.

The DLC will include new levels and boss battles and will challenge players to face challenging platforming obstacles and a variety of enemies. The higher difficulty level of the game will require players to practice and master it more.

Music and Visual Design

Many Cuphead fans especially love the game’s visual design and soundtrack. Cuphead DLC will not disappoint its fans in this regard. The creative team will preserve the retro style and unique atmosphere of the game and provide original music for new levels.

New characters and levels will feature a variety of visual designs that fit the rich world of Cuphead and provide players with a captivating experience. Players will look forward to exploring a new world with each level and enjoy a visually satisfying experience.

Multiplayer Mode

Another exciting feature is the multiplayer mode that will be available in the Cuphead DLC. The original game only had the option to play with two players, but with the new DLC, support for up to four players will be offered.

The multiplayer mode will allow players to team up and fight together against challenging enemies. You can enjoy playing with your friends and experience the excitement of overcoming challenges together.

Package Name Release Date Price The Delicious Last Course 2022 ?39.99

Cuphead DLC looks like it will offer an experience worth waiting for. New characters, challenging levels, impressive music and various features will attract players back to this fascinating world. Cuphead fans are eagerly awaiting the DLC’s release date and eager to accompany Cuphead and Mugman in new adventures.

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