Army of Two: The Devil’s Cartel: The Double Team’s Path to Glory


Army of Two: The Devil’s Cartel: The Double Team’s Path to Glory

Army of Two: The Devils Cartel is an action-adventure video game developed by EA Montreal and published by EA Games. The game tells the story of Alpha and Bravo, two professional mercenaries who step into a world full of violence. The two characters find themselves in the middle of a violent conflict in Mexico and are forced to fight a ruthless cartel, “The Devil’s Cartel”.

Story and Characters

The game tells a new story, independent of the previous games in the Army of Two series. Two private soldiers named Alpha and Bravo are top-notch members of a mercenary company called TRANS (Trans World Operations). The game begins with the duo taking on a mission to fight La GuadaƱa, a cartel in Mexico. Alpha and Bravo encounter various challenges during their mission and are forced to cooperate to defeat enemy cartel forces.

In the game, Alpha is a more experienced and tough character, while Bravo is a younger and inexperienced soldier. The friendship and trust-based relationship between the two is treated as an important theme in the play. Players can control both characters as they wish and use the different skills and abilities of each. Alpha focuses on close combat as it is stronger, while Bravo is better suited for ranged attacks.

Gameplay and Features

Army of Two: The Devils Cartel is an action game played from a third-person shooter perspective. Players must work together and make strategic plans to defeat enemies in various missions. Players must use their teammates’ skills effectively while determining tactics to achieve their goals.

In the game, players are offered a variety of weapons and equipment. Each weapon has its own advantages and disadvantages, and players can customize their weapons according to their needs. Additionally, players can also customize their protective armor, helmets, and other equipment.

Army of Two: The Devils Cartel also offers a co-op mode. Two players can play together online or locally via co-op mode. In this mode, players can collaborate to defeat tougher enemies by combining their powers.

Graphics and Sounds

The game offers high quality visuals in its graphics. The dangerous streets of Mexico and the environments where cartel forces fight offer players a realistic atmosphere. Character models and animations are also carefully designed.

Sound design also plays an important role in enhancing the atmosphere of the game. Details such as gunshots, explosions and environmental sounds draw players into the game and provide a realistic experience. Additionally, there is a Turkish dubbing option in the game.

Criticisms and Success

Army of Two: The Devils Cartel received mixed reviews from critics. The game’s player controls and artificial intelligence system have been subject to criticism. Some critics stated that the game’s story and character development were weak.

However, the game’s action-packed gameplay, team-based mechanics, and well-designed visuals have been appreciated by many players. Players have described Army of Two: The Devils Cartel as an exciting experience for those interested in action games.

The game’s success was moderate commercially. Although it has gained popularity among fans of the Army of Two series and action game lovers, its sales figures have remained lower compared to other major games.

Pros Cons Good action gameplay Poor AI Team-based mechanics Weak story Good graphics and sound design

Army of Two: The Devils Cartel is a game that offers an action-packed experience and emphasizes the importance of teamwork. Players must develop the best strategies to fight against powerful cartel forces as they follow the story of Alpha and Bravo in a dangerous environment. With its graphics, sounds and co-op mode, the game offers an experience that will please fans of the series.

Game InformationGame Name:Army of Two: The Devils CartelGenre:Action, Third-person shooterDeveloper:Visceral GamesPublisher:Electronic ArtsPlatforms:PlayStation 3, Xbox 360


Army of Two: The Devils Cartel is an action-packed third-person shooter. This game, developed by Visceral Games and published by Electronic Arts, was released for PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 platforms. This game, which tells the path to victory of a double team, attracts players with its exciting story and impressive characters.


The story of Army of Two: The Devils Cartel takes place in a city called La Puerta in Mexico. The city has become a place of violence and chaos because it is under the influence of the drug cartel. Players take control of two professional mercenaries known as Alpha and Bravo.

Alpha and Bravo are mercenaries of a private company called Tactical World Operations (TWO). Their mission is to restore order and peace to La Puerta by fighting the cartel’s leader Esteban Bautista and his men. In this tough fight, the skills and strategies of the duo team will be tested.

As the story progresses, players will encounter challenging enemies and traps. As they develop their trust and cooperation among themselves, Alpha and Bravo will become stronger and use new tactics to defeat their enemies.


Army of Two: The Devils Cartel is full of fascinating and diverse characters. Here are some of the main characters that appear in the game:

  • Alpha: The character that the players control. Alpha is a tough and determined mercenary. His experience and leadership skills make him a popular member of the team.
  • Bravo: Alpha’s teammate, Bravo is a social person and a weapons expert. He supports Alpha in tactics and is a reliable assistant next to him.
  • Esteban Bautista: The main antagonist of the game, Esteban Bautista is the leader of the drug cartel that controls the city of La Puerta. Alpha and Bravo’s goal is to stop Esteban, a ruthless and powerful person.
  • Overkill: A special ability of the game, Overkill is a mod that strengthens Alpha and Bravo’s attacks. When this mod is active, characters become more effective and deadly.

Army of Two: The Devils Cartel offers players an immersive experience with its impressive story and dynamic characters. The use of tactical strategies, the importance of teamwork and advanced weapon systems are the main focuses of the game.

The game features action-packed missions, clashes with challenging enemies and impressive graphics. Players, as Alpha and Bravo, will do their best to defeat the enemies in La Puerta and save the city.


Army of Two: The Devils Cartel stands out as a game that appeals to action lovers. As you discover the team’s path to victory, you will experience tension-filled moments and develop tactics to overcome your enemies. The goal is to restore order and peace to the city of La Puerta and defeat the leader of the cartel! We wish you luck!

Army of Two: The Devils Cartel is a third-person shooter game developed by Electronic Arts and released in 2013. As the third game of the series, this production takes players into an action-packed adventure and has a different story and gameplay experience than the previous games.

Gameplay and Story

Army of Two: The Devils Cartel tells the story of the team called “Alpha”, consisting of two special soldiers. The city of Los Angeles has been taken over by a drug cartel and the task of the Alpha team is to fight this cartel. Players choose one of two characters to take part in this dangerous mission and advance the story.

There are various missions and sections in the game. During these missions, players can tactically neutralize enemies, hide, and overcome challenging obstacles with teamwork. The “overkill” feature in the game allows players to become stronger and faster for a temporary period of time.

The game also features customizable weapons and armor. Players can buy new weapons or improve their existing weapons with the money they earn from missions. You can also gain special abilities based on your performances with your teammate.

Graphics and Sound

Army of Two: The Devils Cartel stands out as a visually impressive game. Detailed character models, realistic environment designs and high-quality animations further connect players to the game world. Additionally, the sound effects and music used in the game also strengthen the atmosphere.

However, the game may occasionally experience performance problems and technical errors. Some players may think that the game is lacking in optimization. But overall, Army of Two: The Devils Cartel delivers a visually and auditorily satisfying experience.

Multiplayer Mode

The game also features online multiplayer mode. You can play either with your friend or with other players. In multiplayer mode, you and your team can make strategic moves to defeat enemies, complete missions and rise to the top of the leaderboard.


Army of Two: The Devils Cartel is a third-person shooter game that offers action-packed gameplay and has a gripping story. This game, in which two characters defeat enemies with teamwork, gives players exciting moments.

In the game, which is satisfactory in terms of graphics and sound, customizable weapons and abilities offer players more options. You can also increase the excitement by teaming up with your friends or other players with the online multiplayer mode.

In summary, Army of Two: The Devils Cartel is an ideal option for players who emphasize teamwork and are looking for an action-packed adventure. If you are looking for an exciting gaming experience, you will not regret trying this game.

Army of Two: The Devils Cartel is a third-person shooter game developed by Visceral Games and published by Electronic Arts. In this exciting action game, players take on two specific military roles in the turbulent world of Mexico: Alpha and Bravo.

First, you need to follow some steps to download Army of Two: The Devils Cartel. To download the game, you can refer to the official Electronic Arts website or authorized gaming platforms. Once you have purchased the game and downloaded it properly, simply run it on your system to launch the game.

Game Story

Army of Two: The Devils Cartel features an action-packed story where two soldiers named Alpha and Bravo are assigned to a mission set in Mexico. These special soldiers are tasked with taking down a cartel, “The Devils”. Players must act as a single team and use strategic thinking skills as they take on this challenging mission. As the story progresses, themes such as friendship and loyalty are revealed.

In-Game Features

Army of Two: The Devils Cartel offers players impressive in-game features. The game highlights excellent teamwork between both characters. The harmony between Alpha and Bravo requires players to use tactical combinations to achieve better results.

Players can also customize and strengthen their weapons. You can try various strategies and progress in the game by using different types of weapons. Additionally, the game’s first-person shooter elements and intense action scenes are visually impressive.

System requirements

Before downloading a game to your computer or gaming console, it is important to check its system requirements. The minimum system requirements for Army of Two: The Devils Cartel are:

  • Operating System: Windows XP, Windows Vista or Windows 7
  • Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo 2.4 GHz or AMD Athlon X2 4800
  • Memory: 2 GB RAM
  • Graphics Card: NVIDIA GeForce 8800 GT or ATI Radeon HD 3850
  • DirectX: Version 9.0c
  • Hard Disk Space: 10 GB free space


Army of Two: The Devils Cartel offers players an exciting experience with its action-packed gameplay and challenging missions. Alpha and Bravo’s story transports players into an immersive and exciting world. Downloading the game is quite simple and the system requirements are suitable for most computers. Now it’s your turn, build your team and fight your way to victory against The Devils cartel!

Army of Two: The Devils Cartel is an action-adventure video game developed by EA Montreal and published by Electronic Arts. First released in 2013, the game offers players many options to carry out missions and defeat enemies as a team of two.

Multiplayer Modes:

Army of Two: The Devils Cartel offers a rich selection of multiplayer modes. Players can participate in action-packed missions by cooperating as a team of two. Multiplayer modes provide enjoyable experiences that increase the interest and fun of the game. Here are some multiplayer modes available in Army of Two: The Devils Cartel:

Mode Name Mode Description Contract Mode In contract mode, players work together to achieve specific goals, such as eliminating enemies or pulling off the perfect heist. This mode includes challenging missions that require coordination and tactical skills. Deathmatch Mode In this mode, players fight against each other and try to score the most. They must develop a strategy to defeat their opponents using the weapons and tactics at their disposal. The player with the highest score wins. Cooperative Mode In this mode, players complete various tasks by supporting each other. Communicating well, developing team playing skills and acting strategically are important in this mode. Working together to defeat challenging enemies and successfully complete missions brings team success. Demolition Mode The goal in Demolition mode is to neutralize enemies or protect a certain area. Players must coordinate with each other to repel enemy attacks and fulfill assigned tasks. Strategic thinking and quick reaction abilities are important in demolition mode.

Army of Two: The Devils Cartel increases the replayability of the game by offering a variety of experiences with multiplayer modes. Working together with your teammate to fight against enemies increases the excitement and competition of the game. Building a good team is important to complete tasks more easily and efficiently.

Remember, Army of Two: The Devils Cartel is a team game. Combining good communication, coordination and strategy will bring success. Don’t forget to constantly practice and try different tactics in the game to improve your experience in multiplayer modes.

All in all, Army of Two: The Devils Cartel is a game that offers an enjoyable and action-packed experience as teams of two team up to victory. Multiplayer modes give players the opportunity to try different play styles and improve their team skills. Thanks to these multiplayer modes, the replayability of the game increases and the pleasure players get from participating in action-packed missions increases.

Army of Two: The Devils Cartel is the third game in the famous video game series Army of Two. This game combines Action-RPG and tactical shooting elements, providing players with a thrilling experience. The victory path of the double team is the key to success in the game. In this article, we will focus on strategies that the duo team can use to be successful in Army of Two: The Devils Cartel.

Unique Creativity

Army of Two: The Devils Cartel offers players a unique character customization system. You can shape your two characters according to your own taste and equip them with different weapons, armor and accessories. Therefore, the path to victory for the duo team is through making the best use of your characters’ abilities. If one character is attack-oriented, the other’s defensive abilities can be improved and players can complement each other while performing missions.

Tactical Cooperation

Army of Two: The Devils Cartel offers a real-time tactical shooting experience. As a double team, you need to use the right tactics to fight against the enemies. For example, one character can climb to a high point while the other character can target enemies. The path to victory for a double team is possible if the players support each other and make the right moves at the right time. Success can be achieved with strategies such as simultaneous aiming, engaging enemies under fire and putting the enemy under pressure.

Unique Use of Abilities

Army of Two: The Devils Cartel offers the opportunity to use each character’s special abilities. These abilities give the duo team a huge advantage on their path to victory. While one character can call a helicopter, the other character can blind the enemies and gain an advantage this way. The unique use of abilities requires the duo to be coordinated and interdependent.

Strategy Description Relocation You can protect yourself by using a relocation strategy when you are under enemy fire in the game. While one character attracts the enemies’ attention, the other character can attack the enemies by surprise. Using Cover Using cover allows you to protect yourself from enemy fire. While one character is shooting at enemies, the other character can hide in cover and be protected from enemies. Healing When you get injured during the game, you can use the healing strategy. One character can regenerate the other character’s health and thus you can continue the fight.

Army of Two: The Devils Cartel offers the opportunity to use strategies such as unparalleled creativity, tactical cooperation and unique use of abilities to make the duo team successful. Players complement each other by customizing their characters and working in harmony. The duo team’s path to victory is not something that just players can achieve alone, but is possible with good teamwork and strategy.

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