007 Legends Special Missions: Guide by Difficulty Levels


007 Legends Special Missions: Guide by Difficulty Levels

007 Legends is a first-person shooter game based on the James Bond series. One of the most exciting parts of the game are the special missions. These missions offer players a more challenging and tactical experience. This article will provide a guide based on the difficulty levels of 007 Legends special missions.

Difficulty Level: Easy

Easy difficulty level is suitable for beginner players. Special missions in this level are accomplished with fewer enemies and less chaos. Players generally use more basic weapons and simpler tactics to defeat enemies.

Below is a list of some easy special missions available in 007 Legends:

  • 1. “Istanbul Success”: Go on a mission to find an undercover spy on the streets of Istanbul. In this mission, you can use various melee moves to neutralize enemies.
  • 2. “Flying Eye”: Discover that there is a bomb on the plane you are in and struggle to defuse it. In this mission, you will need to use your environment to escape from enemies.
  • 3. “Madagascar Collaboration”: Participate in an undercover operation in a building in Madagascar. In this mission, you can use various firearms to neutralize the enemies.

Difficulty Level: Medium

The medium difficulty level is suitable for players who have played the game before. Special missions in this level offer the opportunity to face more enemies and chaos. Players may need to develop more sophisticated strategies and accurate timing.

Below is a list of some of the medium difficulty special missions in 007 Legends:

  • 1. “Hong Kong Chaos”: Fight against a spy network on the streets of Hong Kong. In this mission, you will need to use secret tactics against the enemies and attack at the right points to neutralize the enemies.
  • 2. “Kremlin Attack”: Infiltrate the Kremlin and fight to prevent a nuclear attack. In this mission, you will need to bypass complex security systems as well as neutralize enemies.
  • 3. “Rio De Janeiro Revenge”: Fight through the streets of Rio de Janeiro to stop a nefarious criminal organization. In this mission, you can engage in intense clashes with enemies and learn to use your environment better.

Difficulty Level: Hard

The hard difficulty level is suitable for experienced and skilled players. Special missions in this level offer players the challenge of withstanding intense enemy attacks and chaos. Players may need to think strategically, make quick decisions and land precise hits.

Below is a list of some of the hard difficulty special missions featured in 007 Legends:

  • 1. “Bloody Darkness”: Fight against cyber terrorists and prevent them from plunging the world into an abyss. In this mission, you will need quick reflexes, sniping skills and accurate tactics.
  • 2. “The Devil’s Mask”: Hunt down a group of assassins and fight to stop them. In this mission, you will need to make secret moves against enemies, make accurate timings and exit conflicts with minimal damage.
  • 3. “Traces of Death”: Investigate a mysterious attack and track down enemies. In this mission, you will have to fight against tough enemies as well as unravel a complex story.


007 Legends special missions offer players a challenging experience and provide gameplay variety with different difficulty levels. Starting from the easy level, players can advance to the difficult level by improving their skills. In this guide, sample tasks are given according to difficulty levels; But it’s up to you to discover all the game’s special missions. Enjoy!

007 Legends is a video game that presents the combined story of James Bond’s various films. In the game, players try to defeat enemies by playing as agent 007 in various missions. These missions have different difficulty levels and require a set of strategies and tactics in which players can succeed. This article will provide tips on how to succeed in the hard difficulty levels of 007 Legends special missions.

1. Create a Good Plan

The first step is to make a good plan before starting each specific task. Take time to analyze the mission area, enemy movements, and targets. When making your plan, don’t forget to use environmental elements (secret passages, stairs, balconies, etc.) and try different strategies. Intrigue and intelligence are essential for a special mission to be successful.

2. Choose Your Equipment Wisely

On each mission, 007 has his own unique equipment options. Choosing the right equipment is crucial to succeeding at higher difficulty levels. Customize your loadout according to enemies, levels and mission requirements. Optimize your strategy if necessary by changing weapon selection or using different boosts for a more stealthy approach.

3. Observe Enemies and Predict Their Movements

To successfully complete a mission, you need to understand your enemies and predict their movements. Determine where enemies are moving, what routes they are taking, and when they attack. To act smarter, observe your enemies and adapt your strategy accordingly.

4. Emphasize Communication and Collaboration

You may need to collaborate with your team on some tasks. Communicating well and working in harmony with your team are critical elements to succeeding at the difficulty level. Coordinate tactics, share enemies, and watch each other’s backs using your own communications network. With teamwork, even more challenging tasks can become easier.

5. Move Carefully and Stay Stealth

In the game, your enemies will target you and attack you. To be successful, it is important that you move carefully and remain concealed. At increased difficulty levels, your enemies will discover you more quickly in missions. Therefore, it will be important to use the environment to take cover, get behind rectangles, or find shadows where you can hide.

6. Don’t Exceed Your Plan

Finally, be careful to follow your plan and don’t panic. Even if you think your plan isn’t working, stay calm and don’t try to change your strategy immediately. Making hasty moves and attacking without planning can create more problems. Continue executing your plan and find the best solution to ensure your safety.

Table 1: Summary

Step Summary 1. Create a good plan Analyze the mission, use environmental elements and try different strategies 2. Choose your equipment well Customize your equipment according to the requirements of the mission 3. Observe the enemies and predict their movements Observe to understand the movements of your enemies and adjust your strategy accordingly 4. Communication and emphasize collaboration. Communicate effectively with your team and coordinate your strategies 5. Move carefully and hide. Move carefully and hide using your environment. 6. Don’t exceed your plan. Follow your plan, stay calm and avoid hasty moves.

Succeeding in 007 Legends special missions on difficult difficulty levels requires strategic thinking and teamwork. Making a good plan, choosing the right equipment, observing enemies, staying in touch, and staying calm are important steps to ensuring superior performance on difficulty level. Using these tips, you can successfully complete difficult missions in the game 007 Legends!

007 Legends is a video game based on the famous James Bond movies that offers players the opportunity to play as agent 007 James Bond in action-packed missions. In the game, players must use their strategy and skills to complete special missions with different difficulty levels.

Medium Difficulty Level

The medium difficulty level is ideal for players looking for a bit of a challenge in the game. At this level, enemies will be tougher and missions will require a little more effort to complete. Here are some tips to succeed on medium difficulty:

Equipment Selection

At medium difficulty level, choosing the right equipment is very important. You must choose your weapons and other items strategically. Using the most appropriate equipment for your task will give you an advantage. You should choose weapons that will be more effective against enemies and use tools that will allow you to reach secret passages.

Check out the Details of the Tasks

Before completing the tasks, it is important to carefully study the details of the tasks. Understanding the purpose and objectives of the mission gives you the chance to develop more focus and strategy in the game. Learning the strengths and weaknesses of enemies will help you complete your missions more successfully.

Shooting and Stealth Balancing

On medium difficulty, your enemies will be tougher and stealth strategies will often not be enough. You will need to balance shooting and stealth. Choosing the right time and places when fighting against enemies will make your missions easier. It is important to use stealth tactics to progress through the mission without being noticed and neutralize the enemies.


Another important feature of 007 Legends is the ability to communicate with teammates. On medium difficulty, using the skills and support of your teammates is crucial. Working as a team when fighting enemies makes it easier to overcome difficult missions. Communicating, sharing strategies and working as a team increases your chances of success.

View Details

007 Legends is a game where details matter. At the medium difficulty level, carefully examining the environment and observing every detail provides a great advantage. Accurately detecting details such as secret passages, clues or enemy locations will make missions easier. Carefully examine everything around you and collect the necessary information.

Summary Be confident in your own skills Be confident in your own skills in the game and practice to develop the right strategies. To succeed at the medium difficulty level, it is important to use your creativity and quick thinking skills. With enough practice, you will make the tasks easier.

By following this guide titled 007 Legends Special Missions: Tips for Medium Difficulty Level, you can complete medium difficulty missions more easily and succeed in the action-packed world of 007 James Bond. Have fun!

007 Legends is a first-person shooter video game based on the James Bond series. The game features eight different special missions inspired by the famous Bond movies. These missions both make references to movie scenes and offer players an action-packed experience. The game’s special missions have different difficulty levels, and in this guide, we will cover the easy difficulty level missions.

Mission 1: Goldfinger

The Goldfinger mission is a mission based on the scenes of the famous Goldfinger movie, where we experience the climax of the action. On the easy difficulty level, this mission is designed to get you accustomed to the game and teach you the basic mechanics. Throughout the mission, you will encounter various enemies and need to use your weapons to neutralize them. Effective aiming skills are essential to your success in this mission.

Mission 2: On Her Majesty’s Secret Service

In this mission, you take on a mission in a dangerous mountainous region in the Alps, inspired by the famous movie On Her Majesty’s Secret Service. In the easy difficulty level, you will use your spy skills and deal with the enemies in this mission. Collecting the necessary items is key to completing missions. In this mission, you need to use your stealth and intelligence gathering skills.

Mission 3: Moonraker

The Moonraker mission takes on the task of preventing danger on Earth by entering a hellish spaceport. In the easy difficulty level, in this mission you have to fight your enemies and use your weapons to defeat the enemies. This mission will test your defensive skills against enemy attacks.

Mission 4: License to Kill

In this mission, you will fight against the dangerous drug lords of South America, inspired by the famous movie License to Kill. On the easy difficulty level, in this mission you need to find secret entrances, neutralize enemies and obtain important information. You will also have the opportunity to chase and catch enemies by using your vehicle driving skills.

Quest Movie Goldfinger Goldfinger On Her Majesty’s Secret Service On Her Majesty’s Secret Service Moonraker Moonraker License to Kill License to Kill

007 Legends Special Missions: Guide by Difficulty Levels covers four easy difficulty missions in detail. In each mission, the challenges players will face and the requirements for using skills are discussed. This guide will help players succeed in the game and help them pass challenging missions. However, remember that each mission requires unique tactics and strategies. Have fun playing!

007 Legends is an exciting action game where you can play the unforgettable adventures of James Bond. Special missions are challenging sections within the game that test the players’ skills. In this guide, we will share some strategies for your survival, especially on the expert difficulty level.

Set the Difficulty Level Correctly

007 Legends has different difficulty levels and each is designed according to the players’ skills and experience. Expert level is the game’s hardest difficulty level and offers a real challenge. However, if you are not used to this level of the game yet, it may be better to start from the beginner level. You can increase the difficulty level by improving your skills over time.

Be Careful and Use Privacy Mode

On Expert difficulty, enemies are smarter and can react faster. That’s why it’s important to be careful and choose stealth mode instead of gorilla tactics. Moving without noticing the enemies will reduce the number of enemies and make your survival easier. Observing the area around you, hiding spots and enemy movements will help you create your strategy.

Choose and Use the Right Weapons

Different weapons can provide advantages in different situations. Choosing and using the right weapons is important to survive on Expert difficulty. For example, if you want to eliminate enemies silently, you can choose a silenced gun. You can also neutralize groups of enemies by tactically using explosives such as grenades. The most important thing will be to use your ammunition correctly and not waste it unnecessarily.

Use Your Teammates

007 Legends is a game where you will need the support of your teammates in some parts. You can complete challenging missions more easily by using the features and skills of your teammates. To get their help, you need to communicate effectively and plan tasks well. Teamwork is critical to your success.

Be Patient and Try Again

Surviving the expert difficulty level of 007 Legends may not be easy. You may fail even after many tries. However, instead of giving up, you should be patient and learn from your mistakes and try again. Every failure gives you an opportunity to develop a better strategy. Be confident that after trial and practice you will achieve success.

Summary James Bond Special Missions Guide by Difficulty Levels Author James Bond Fan Publication Date March 21, 2022 Category Games

It’s important to use the right strategies to survive 007 Legends special missions on expert difficulty. Being careful, using stealth mode, choosing the right weapons, using your teammates and being patient will help you achieve success. We hope this guide was useful to you. When you’re ready, embark on the adventure and tackle expert difficulty in the exciting world of James Bond!

007 Legends is the latest game in the James Bond game series and offers players an exciting spy experience. The game features special missions that recreate the unforgettable movie adventures of James Bond. These missions come with different difficulty levels. In this guide, we will explain in detail how you can adjust the difficulty levels of 007 Legends special missions.

Difficulty Levels

There are three difficulty levels in 007 Legends:

  • Easy: This level offers players benefits such as reduced enemy resistance, more health, and more ammo. It gives players the opportunity to easily advance and avoid enemies.
  • Medium: Medium is an average level of difficulty. Enemies have lower resistance and require players to use tactical skills.
  • Hard: This level offers a real spy experience. Enemies can be dangerous even if players make no mistakes. Players must have high levels of strategic thinking and quick reaction skills.

Adjusting Difficulty Levels

To adjust the difficulty level of special missions in 007 Legends, you can follow the steps below:

  1. Start the game and go to the Main Menu.
  2. Select the Special Missions option.
  3. On the Special Missions screen, select the mission you want to play.
  4. On the mission details screen, click “Difficulty” to set the difficulty level.
  5. The Difficulty Level menu will open. Here you can choose “Easy”, “Medium” or “Hard”.
  6. Make your choice and set the difficulty level by clicking the “Confirm” button.
  7. Go back and start playing the mission. You can now compete on the difficulty level of your choice.

Guide by Difficulty Levels

Difficulty levels in 007 Legends offer a different gaming experience for players. Below are some tips and strategies for each difficulty level:

Difficulty Level Tips and Strategies Easy – You can take less damage from enemies by using more health advantage. – Use secret passages or alternative paths to escape from enemies. – Use your melee abilities to increase your hitting power. Medium – Watch enemies’ movements and shoot at the right time. – Neutralize enemies by using advantageous points such as secret passages and high places. – Gain an advantage by using recommended weapons and equipment for each mission. Difficult – Improve your aiming skills to react quickly. – Defeat enemies using stealth moves and tactical maneuvers. – Use advanced equipment like increased power-ups and tactical bombs against groups of enemies.

007 Legends offers an experience suitable for every player with different difficulty levels. You can make the game easier or harder when adjusting the difficulty level. Good luck, spy!

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